Sunday, 12 August 2012

And another

Here’s something I wrote in the dark night of the grammatical soul, from which I have since emerged, thankfully.  No more commas for me.


When I was studying grammar, many years ago in school,
I studied very hard at it, to soak up every rule.
When the teacher wrote things down, I snapped them up like that,
I memorized them all, so I could have them pat.

But I did even more; I studied on my own;
I thought, this way, by following rules, my writing I would hone.
I didn’t want to be like all the other silly fools,
Who couldn’t write a sentence without breaking all the rules.

So I learned about the comma and the period (or full stop);
When I was writing English, I became a grammar cop.
But the rules are, oh, so tricky, and I need to feel assured;
So, now, I, stick, a, comma, after, every, single, word.

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