Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Advice to a Teenager

More poetic advice, this time a recent poem for a young man of my acquaintance:

Advice to a Teenage Boy

girls are people too
just like me and you
talk to them the way you would
to anyone, they’ll feel good
ask them what they like to do
maybe they will ask you too
show some interest, take some care,
don’t forget to wash your hair

ask them to a movie show
or for a soda or, you know,
anything you like to do
maybe she will like it too

don’t be shy, but don’t be crass
show restraint, display some class
don’t get overly excited
or the whole thing might get blighted

remember this is not the last
any awkwardness will pass
assume she’s interested to go
until she tells you it’s a no

don’t get down if she rebuffs you
life is tough and sometimes cuffs you
you can ask her out once more
three times even, but not four

move along then, you will find
other girls to feed your mind
and to satisfy your longing
and to make you feel belonging

talk and share and dance and eat
and stay lively on your feet
but don’t lie, and DO NOT CHEAT

take it easy as you go
let things follow with the flow
speak up bravely to begin things
then just be yourself within things

finally you’ll feel okay
and if not, you’re on your way
say hello or say good-bye
never really wonder why
it’s just life that’s passing by

so talk to girls if you like
ask them out, be sharp and bright
it’s the way of all the race
all are looking for a place
but you’re young and should be checking
more than one before selecting

do it then and don’t take fright
everything will be all right

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