Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Poem for an Infant

When a friend of mine became a father many years ago, I thought I would be helpful and offer up some advice to his new son.  The result is below.

I was very proud of managing to write an entire poem in words of no more than two syllables, which I thought was important because after all newborns don't understand much English.

Some Advice
to Alexander Richard Blackwell
[aged 1 month]

don’t cry in the middle of the night
never wander out of sight
smile and giggle at your Mom
keep from sucking at your thumb

learn the world and all its sights
never shrink from its delights
– even if they give you frights –

walk as soon as you are able
keep your dishes on the table
handle mishaps with aplomb
(you can blame them on your Mom)

make some friends and play with toys
but try not to make too much noise
yank the curtains, hit the chairs
don’t let others put on airs

sing aloud with all your might
– but don’t cry in the middle of the night

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