Tuesday, 10 July 2012


My horoscope today says I should express my creative talents.  Not that I believe in horoscopes, of course.  I just read them every day and complain if they're missing from the paper.  But I don't *believe* in them.

Except for times when they say really nice things about me, perhaps.  Or when what they say happens to come true.

What did Agatha Christie say?  When we make a guess and it comes true, we call it intuition.  When we make a guess and  it doesn't come true, we seldom speak of it again.

The same with horoscopes, I guess.

I took a course on superstitions last month.  Quite interesting.  It made me realize how many superstitions I follow.  Not the common ones, though I found myself knocking on wood the other day to ward off bad luck, and nowadays if I see a penny I will pick it up for good luck.  But there are so many times I think, No, it will be luckier to wear that shirt today, or it will be bad luck if I do such and such.

Luck, what is it?  Today's horoscope also says I will have some.  We'll see.

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